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Good Looping Sustainable fashion About

Good Looping is a sustainable sourcing consultancy, predominantly serving the apparel and beauty industries. Steered by strategy and social conscience, we transform global businesses. Specialising in raw materials sourcing (including, but not limited to: cotton, wool and cosmetics ingredients), we introduce sustainability to complex supply chains. Our mission is to drive transparency, inspire good practice, and reduce harm to the environment.

With a decade’s experience working with iconic high street brands, good looping is at the forefront of a sustainability revolution. Our consultancy, workshop, and communications services reinvigorate business operations, build consumer trust, and solidify credibility.

Identifying key stakeholders who can unlock a world of sustainability potential for our clients, we offer a three-tier structure. Hire us to focus on one specific area or to revamp your entire model.

In a world that’s hungry for honest business practices and respectful sourcing, sustainability is empowering developing communities, attracting investors, and transforming brands like never before.

Are you ready to be part of a new era of sustainable business?

Yes? then good looping is your collaborator.