Name *
Describe, in plain English, what your business do /offer. • Explain who you are and explain what you do. For example, “we are a factory… we are a brand… we are a online fashion store… ” then “we manufacture denim, we sell high-quality socks, we make sustainable yarn...”
How do you help your clients? What benefits do you offer them? How are their lives/businesses enriched by your product / service? For example, “the jeans we sell from our online shop get can be traced from farm to shop on our store app and are better for the environment! Best of all, our staff are happy because x, y, z!”
What is your main objective(s) you hope to achieve with the project? For example, to attract new customers, retain old customers, make your brand sound more modern, enable you to charge higher prices by positioning yourselves as a ‘premium’ product, etc.
. What is your USP? (i.e. something your competitors can’t provide) For example, we are 50% cheaper than our nearest competitor, we have twice as many staff, all our staff have a university education, we sell our product in more colours than our competitors, our product is proven more reliable, lasts twice as long, etc.
Do you have any evidence to support your claims? Certification, Memberships, Case studies, product reviews, testimonials etc.
Do any of your competitors provide a similar service? Who are they? What are their strengths? What does their marketing (website, brochure, etc) look like. Provide links to their websites if possible.
Who is the main audience, Who are you target clients?— who will be reading the copy? Provide as much information about the client as possible. • For example, age, income, company size, job title, location, interests, political affiliation, choice of newspaper, gender — anything that can help identify the reader. • e.g. “Our clients are typically aged 30-40, have £1000 to spend, are university educated, female, interested in the arts and the environment, liberal, iPhone users, married but don’t have children, etc”
What style do you like? Do you have a preference for tone of voice? Conversational? Friendly? Formal? Professional? Educational? Funny? Light-hearted