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Brands and suppliers strive to influence positive sustainability throughout their network of stakeholders. Sounds ideal, right?  But how does a business even begin to understand intricate global supply chains?

Examining the links between a company and its suppliers can leave one puzzled, to say the least. Supply chains contain a vast array of players including farmers, traders, manufacturers, and retailers, and a never-ending stream of logistics.

That’s why Good Looping offers intelligent sustainable sourcing consultancy to businesses across the globe. We help niche design houses, major brands, and suppliers fathom the complexities of this multifaceted network.

Our consultancy services

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Identifies raw materials that can be sourced and harnessed to elevate brand integrity.

Advises on ethical international trade and human rights, related to a variety of raw materials.

Oversees the process of writing sustainable policy documents.

Collaborates with internal teams to assess opportunities for sourcing improvements and to increase engagement.

Benchmarking Sustainable Fashion Consultant

Benchmarking & Materiality

We deliver quality benchmarks and gap analysis reports, examining how a business compares to its competitors when it comes to sustainability. Operations are fully scrutinised to reveal where critical improvement is needed.

Conducts materiality assessments to gather insights into environmental and social issues; highlighting where businesses are falling short whilst discovering what matters most to stakeholders.

Appraises sustainable performance before proposing step-by-step actions plans.

Implementation Sustainable Fashion Consultant.png


Evaluates current supply chains to ascertain sustainability (including the examination of certification).

Assesses and revises sustainable sourcing business methodologies.

Implements pilot traceability projects to increase transparency across the entire supply chain.

Want to innovate your business, learn more about the bottom of your supply chain, or show your clients that you are environmentally conscious in trade?  

Good Looping can advise you on the layered world of sustainability so it’s easier for you to navigate.