Good News 012 | 13 November 2018

ReMode Available via Livestream

ReMode, the premier event for disruptive and sustainable fashion, today announced that it is taking its message global by making a livestream video of conference programming available to viewers around the world. Over the two-day event, which takes place in Los Angeles November 13–14, a livestream of speaker sessions, panel discussions and presentations will be available on the ReMode website (, starting at 8:30 a.m

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Amazon and ASOS Questioned Over 'Fast Fashion' Sustainability

Lawmakers in the U.K. have questioned online "fast fashion" retailers about the impact of their production processes on workers and the environment.

Mary Creagh, chair of the U.K. government's Environmental Audit Committee, wrote to five online-only fashion retailers — including global firms Amazon and ASOS — to request information on areas including staff wages, the life-cycle of the garments sold, and steps being taken to reduce the environmental and social impact of their businesses.

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Royal Influencer Meghan Wears Sustainable Fashion

It’s not news, of course, that when Meghan Markle wears something, people buy it. But many of her looks this tour were created by sustainable fashion brands, meaning the companies do things like use safe chemicals and dyes, make sure fabrics can be recycled, and make efforts to be socially responsible when it comes to sourcing their materials and hiring.

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Good News 011 | 22 October 2018

C.L.A.S.S. supports Textile Exchange in Milan

This year’s Textile Exchange’s Sustainability Conference will be held in Milan later this month. The conference offers an opportunity to connect with industry pioneers and learn about cutting-edge solutions and innovations in textile and apparel sustainability. The theme of the 2018 conference is United by Action: Accelerating Sustainability in Textiles and Fashion.

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Fur free expending

Brands from Gucci to Michael Kors and DVF have recently stopped using fur, calculating that the goodwill generated with younger customers, and a reprieve from social media-amplified protests by animal-rights activists, is worth a few million dollars in lost sales.

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Sustainability is the new black for Spring '19

The sustainability conversation was more hushed in Paris. That’s partly because emerging, disruptive designers tend to show elsewhere. At least the sartorial works of art presented by houses like Valentino or Alexander McQueen aren’t going to end up in landfill.

Gucci (which showed at the iconic home of ‘70s Paris disco haunt Le Palace this season) is full steam ahead on its 10-year “Equilibrium” plan, “designed to connect people, planet and purpose” and engage every staff member at every level.

But where are the other luxury leaders championing the use of sustainable textiles or, for that matter, supply chain transparency, on the Paris runways? There’s opportunity here. Who else will step up?

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Good News 010 | 09 October 2018

MPs on fast fashion

MPs say the fashion industry is a major source of the greenhouse gases that are overheating the planet.

Discarded clothes are also piling up in landfill sites and fibre fragments are flowing into the sea when clothes are washed.

The retailers admit more needs to be done, but say they are already working to reduce the impact of their products.

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THREDUP X Reformation

THREDUP X Reformation

The latest news comes from massive online consignment site Thredup, which on Tuesday launched Upcycle, a new platform that aims to answer the question: How can eco-conscious brands engage with, and even capitalize on, the reselling of their wares?

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The new Fashion for Good experience

The doors have opened on a new museum which informs and inspires end consumers about the latest thinking in sustainable fashion. The new Fashion for Good experience in Amsterdam is an immersive, interactive museum fitted with smart technology which aims to “change the hearts and minds of the visitors by telling stories behind the clothes [they] wear.”

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Good News 009 | 02 October 2018
Sustainable fashion Good Looping

Traceability by VF

VF’s traceability initiatives intend to provide visibility into some of our most pressing supply chain issues and risks.

From human rights violations in supplier factories to deforestation, we partner with our suppliers to bring best practices to their businesses and help prevent any occurrence of activities that go against our high ethical and environmental standards

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Good Looping Sustainable Fashion

Live from Paris Fashion Week

Biker jackets made from pineapple leaves and leather tanned with olive extract rather than hugely polluting chemicals are now within reach, experts say.

Everyone from young avant garde designers to the big-name brands are racing to hop on the bandwagon, with trainers with soles made from recycled plastic bottles already selling by the million.

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Good Looping Sustainable Fashion

Fashion For Good x Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is the latest fashion brand to join Fashion for Good, the global initiative to incentive innovations which can lead the fashion industry towards a circular model. “We are constantly exploring innovative ways to become more sustainable, joining Fashion for Good helps us on this journey. Together we can spark and scale the next generation of circular technologies and help change the fashion industry”, said McCartney in a statement.

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Good News 008 | 25 September 2018
Sustainable fashion good looping

The plastic in our clothes

Friends of the Earth are calling on the fashion industry to do more to tackle plastic pollution, as new figures highlight that the sector is a “significant contribution” to the problem.

The environmental campaign group states clothes washing in the UK is estimated to generate around 4,000 tonnes of plastic microfibre pollution every year, of which 1,600 tonnes could be ending up in our rivers and estuaries.

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Sustainable fashion good looping

Primark expands its Sustainable Cotton programme

UK fast fashion brand Primark says it has now sold four million pairs of pyjamas made with sustainably grown cotton from its pioneering programme in Gujarat, Northern India. The company gave details of the initiative as it announced plans to expand production into neighbouring Pakistan.

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Green Carpet awards

The greatest misconception about the Green Carpet awards, which brought Milan fashion week to a close with a celebration of sustainable fashion, is that they are an alternative to the traditional red carpet. The true aim of the Green Carpet project is to rip the red one up entirely and replace it.

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Good News 007 | 18 September 2018
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More and more big brands are coming up with better ways of producing the clothes that we buy and wear, including high street stores.

And this week, Swedish retailer H&M – which is known for its Conscious range – became the latest name to inspire people to care for the planet.

Joining forces with the World Wide Fund (WWF) – the world’s leading independent conservation organisation – H&M has launched a new childrenswear collection made entirely of sustainable materials.

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Good Looping Circular fashion

Circular vision

According to the World Bank’s World Development Indicators, clothing production doubled from 2000 to 2015 but the utilisation of clothing items has significantly decreased, leading to an immense amount of waste. It is estimated that one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or landfilled every second, and that half of all fast fashion production gets disposed of under a single year.

This is an immense amount of pressure on our planet’s natural resources. To combat the waste and unsustainable nature of the fashion industry, a few visionaries are talking about redesigning the textile industry with a circular vision.

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UAL Partnership

University of the Arts London (UAL) has been selected for one of the nine game-changing research and development partnerships as part of the government’s investment in the UK’s creative industries, under the banner of the flagship Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund initiative. The project focuses on innovation within the fashion and textile supply chain.

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London Fashion Week

Sustainable opening for the London Fashion Week this season, with Vin + Omi on the catwalk. Clothes woven from cow parsley and discarded bottles feature in St Pancras show

Of all the things you might expect to see on the London fashion week catwalk, cow parsley is probably not one of them. But that’s exactly what designer duo Vin + Omi delivered as they opened the six-day event with their spring/summer 2019 collection.

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Good News 006 | 11 September 2018
Hong Kong Sustainable Fashion Summit

Hong Kong Fashion Summit 2018

The Hong Kong Fashion Summit was held on 6-7 September with hundreds of brands, designers and brilliant initiatives joining the call for circular economy. Hong Kong is becoming the new sustainable fashion hub and here are a few examples of how exciting sustainable fashion is about to become:

ALLBIRDS, in San Francisco, makes shoes out of carbon.

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FASHION FOR GOOD based in Amsterdam. This year, they are launching their fourth ‘Accelerator programme, encouraging start up to innovate sustainably.

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THE MILLS FABRICA is a catalytic hub based in a converted old mill in Hong Kong. With Techstyle, they support startups at the intersection of fashion, textile and technology, making the concept of “wearable technology” focus on fashion and textile industry.

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Fur Free Sustainable Fashion

Fur Free Movement

The luxury fashion is moving away from fur. Gucci and now, Burberry have committed to No Fur.

This week, London has become the first of the main fashion weeks to ditch animal fur in its shows after the British Fashion Council (BFC) said none of the designers participating on the official schedule would be using it.

Burberry: Full article here

London Fashion Week: Full article here

Recycling tech close the loop

Hydrothermal Recycling Tech

The H&M Foundation and the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) have jointly set up two first of its kind textile recycling facilities in Hong Kong.

The award-winning hydrothermal recycling technology is for the first time put to practice at scale. a miniaturised Garment-To-Garment Recycling System has also opened for the public.

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Good News 005 | 04 September 2018

Good Looping Special

Good Looping is launching its first ever magazine- telling the story of sustainable fashion and beauty. A positive and bright focus on how the industry shake up sustainability through collaboration and innovation.

[…] Fast-forward to 2030, to a vision of fashion in which people look and feel good in clothes low in impact on people and planet. Of products that are long-lasting, fully recyclable, non-polluting and do not degrade our environment. Of supply chains that do no harm, in which people work in good conditions for fair pay. […]


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