Good News 016 | 18 December 2018

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The Savory Institute x Kering

Luxury fashion company Kering has launched a fashion industry standard capable of verifying raw materials and finished products as 'regenerative', after partnering with environmental charity The Savory Institute to advocate for 'net-positive' sourcing solutions.

The framework assesses the extent to which certain agricultural methods used to produce cotton, wool and leather “give back” to the environment – by restoring soil quality or sequestering CO2 within carbon sinks, for example.

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The State of Fashion 2019 by McKinsey

2019 will be a bumpy ride for most fashion players, according to management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company and online publication Business of Fashion in their new joint report The State of Fashion 2019, on which they lay out the main trends and developments to be expected in the year ahead.

“The ones who will succeed will have to come to terms with the fact that (...) some of the old rules simply don’t work”, they warn. “Regardless of size and segment, players now need to be nimble, think digital-first and achieve ever-faster speed to market. They need to take an active stance on social issues, satisfy consumer demands for ultra-transparency and sustainability, and, most importantly, have the courage to self-disrupt their own identity and the sources of their old success”. 

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‘Catwalk to Creation’

"The documentary shows the reverse journey of two sustainable garments, one made out of natural fibres (wool) and one being a next gen solution within the viscose family. As the title suggests, it is the reverse journey from the finished garment on the catwalk to its beginnings as a thought, an idea, following the whole production process from design to factory. It is a behind-the-scenes-look to really show everything that goes into it making a garment. It is targeted at everyday consumers as well as a B2B and B2C audience."

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